My thoughts, based on the Professional Guidance Cards:

Professional Guidance CardsWeek 49: Balance Your Work Life Between Personal and Spiritual Demands

Interestingly, this card came up on a day when my planned blog post was, “Live the Life You Have Imagined: You CAN Get There From Here” – subtitled “How a Jersey Girl Became a Maine-iac and Found Happiness Working in the Cloud” – a post about my journey from “stressed and struggling” to “serene and successful” business owner.

The key to that transformation was achieving balance.

When I moved to a Maine island, it was a conscious decision to change my life. I wasn’t running from anything, but rather to a place where I knew my heart, mind and spirit were always in balance.

It wasn’t an overnight transformation, mind you. I spent a lot of time and effort figuring out how to arrange my business to allow me to work from anywhere – which I now do. Sometimes that means from my sofa or my deck, other times from a seaside perch while my husband photographs gulls or crashing surf. I never put off medical appointments any more or end up running around like a crazy person before a holiday because “work kept me busy until the last minute.” And, frankly, there are many days I simply take the afternoon off and do nothing – nothing but breath the salt-and-pine air, walk around a lake or sit in a gazebo by the bay and let my thoughts wander. It’s good for you – and it’s good for your business to refresh yourself with the things that nourish your soul!

Whatever it is that nourishes you, I urge you to make time for it in your life, at least several times a week.

This week’s intention:

I will keep in mind the need for rest, play, entertainment, hobbies, interests and interaction with nature and make time each and every day to pursue at least one of these other parts of myself, for I know these things refresh and reinvigorate me and lead to greater clarity, creativity and calm.

What is your intention this week, in keeping with this theme?

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