My thoughts, based on the Professional Guidance Cards:

Professional Guidance CardsWeek 48: Empowering Others Empowers You

Most business people – owners, managers, sales professionals – probably consider themselves to be competitive. And competing ideas and strategies can be a very good thing for business as a whole.

It’s when we compete with another human being by trying to crush them emotionally or destroy their reputation that we end up on the wrong side of the professional ethics argument. No matter how long I am in business or how many different types of people I am exposed to, I am still shocked when a person reveals him- or herself to be so viciously competitive that they are willing to destroy another human being to achieve their ends.

The alternative, of course, is the mature realization that another’s talents and ideas are no threat to you, that our unique gifts allow there to be collaboration and win-win scenarios and mutual success. And out of that realization comes the ability – in fact, the willingness – to empower others with encouragement, a kind word, or a request for their input or feedback. Making someone else feel good makes you feel good, too.

This week’s intention:

I am aware that empowering others is a gratifying act that nourishes my soul, and I will look for ways in all of my business dealings and communications to give to others without restrictions or agendas.

What is your intention this week, in keeping with this theme?

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