My thoughts, based on the Professional Guidance Cards:

Professional Guidance CardsWeek 50: Keep a Spotlight on Yourself

Boy, when I saw this week’s card, I thought, “That can’t be right!” Keep a spotlight on yourself?? On its face, it doesn’t sound like a strategy to be employed in the practice of ethical behavior in (or out of) the workplace.

But then I read beyond the headline, and it started to make sense. It refers to self-awareness and accountability, observing your own actions and changing course when necessary.

Nourishing your being so your roots grow strong.

Being aware of everything you do because your actions affect others.

Yeah. I can get behind that. 😉

This week’s intention:

Remember that self-awareness is not the same as self-absorption; and make awareness of your actions a priority so you are behaving in accordance with your values.

What is your intention this week, in keeping with this theme?

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