This time last year, I was about three months into my new lifestyle on Mount Desert Island, Maine – something we’d dreamed about and planned for years! That was the “upside.”

ChagrinedThe “downside” (if you can really find a downside to finally living in your vision of paradise!) was that my business revenues were at less than half of where they had been just three years earlier.

This was not primarily due to the move, mind you, but rather to the fact that the industry “basket” into which I had placed all my “eggs” (homebuilding) had been decimated by the economic realities of the day.

And while I had been slowly repositioning my business to serve a more diverse clientele and to focus on social media, online, and email marketing, the months-long process of preparing for and actually making the move did take away from my business-building (or, should I say, rebuilding) activities.

What’s Around the Bend?

After catching my breath by spending much of last Summer as a bit of a tourist in my new hometown, in the Fall I began in earnest to rebuild and re-brand my business.

Fast forward to August 2011, and business is booming again! While extremely happy and grateful for this abundance, as I said, there are pros and cons to every situation. Here’s my “con”:

Despite my best intentions, I don’t feel as though I’ve done enough to deliver all the value I have to give to you, my valued clients, colleagues, and friends, many of whom have been with me through thick and thin since I started the latest iteration of my entrepreneurial journey almost 10 years ago!

Well, I’ve always loved Spring and Fall for making the commitment to improving what you do, so here’s what I’VE been working on to help YOU seize the opportunities that this New Economy brings, from September through the end of the year:

Make a Difference Mondays

While I actually began “Make a Difference Monday” in January of this year, I really don’t feel I’ve done a very good job of promoting it as a helpful and inspiring way to start your work week. So, I’ve decided to incorporate my “Make a Difference Monday” posts into my existing eNewsletter, “Social Smarts,” which will now become a weekly publication. I promise you, it will serve as the inspiration for making business more of a pleasure throughout your work week! Not yet a “Social Smarts” subscriber? Join over 2,000 of your fellow entrepreneurs and business colleagues by signing up today right on this page, at the very top of the right-hand column of our Home page. Starts September 5.

Saturday mornings: Linda on Life. Style. Business.

A weekly online newspaper, a compilation of what’s happening in business and recreation topics that interest us entrepreneurial types who know there’s more to life than “just business”! Yes, there’ll be plenty of updates on current biz and technology topics, but also expect the unexpected – travel, photography, food, inspiration, motivation, how-to’s, and more! Contributors are today’s thought leaders and people I admire and follow. Subscribe here.

Five-Minute Fridays

Every Friday morning, a no-more-than-5-minute video or podcast to start your day, motivate you to end the week on a high note, or plan for a successful next week! Coming soon – watch for announcement.

You can sign up for one or all of them – your choice! The last thing I want to do is bombard you with information you don’t think is worthy of your time! Choose the ones you’d like to try out – change your mind anytime. They’re all free and always will be. Don’t miss any of the announcements – subscribe to this blog (right-hand column, immediately under the eNewsletter sign-up box) or become a fan of my Facebook page so you are sure to receive word when each new program is rolled out.

If you’re already on our “Social Smarts” distribution list, you’ll continue to receive it unless and until you choose to unsubscribe. But these weekly “value-added” options are designed to give you other ways to explore topics that might be of interest to you – in bite-sized increments that won’t overload you OR your inbox!


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