Social Media is Not a Numbers Game

The Social Media Numbers GameDespite what you may have heard, social media is not a numbers game.

Social media, online and email marketing is not about how many friends, fans, followers, subscribers and connections you have.

It’s not about how many pages you’ve “liked” or how many “like” your page.

It’s not about how many groups you’ve joined on LinkedIn or how many people joined the group you started.

It’s not even about how often you post or tweet or blog or publish your eNewsletter. (more…)

Are You Blogging? Or Just “BLAH-ging”?

Charlie Brown's TeacherI posted an entry last week about making your blog the “hub” of your online marketing efforts – and it really seemed to strike a chord with many of my blog and eNewsletter subscribers. But the resounding question remains, “What am I supposed to blog about?”

Remember the sound of Charlie Brown’s teacher in the Peanuts cartoon specials? Yeah. You don’t want to be her.

In order to engage an audience on an ongoing basis (more…)

The “Hub” of Your Online Marketing

Social Media PuzzleOnline marketing can be very confusing, if not overwhelming.

It’s a big contraption with lots of moving parts.

Even if you’re already involved in some fashion – posting to a Facebook Business page or tweeting out your company’s latest news or even just checking in to LinkedIn a couple of times a week – there’s a pretty good chance your thoughts sometimes drift off in the direction of …

I don’t really have the time to do this as well as I’d like. There’s got to be a better way – without spending half my week on it!

So, how do you make the online portion of your marketing program easier to implement and succeed at? (more…)

How Often Should You Blog?

Hmmm … I’d have to say, simply: A LOT MORE OFTEN THAN I HAVE BEEN LATELY!!

It’s hard to believe my last blog post was March 4, but life’s been … um, shall we say “interesting” around here since then …

After 20+ years of thinking and dreaming about it, we put our NJ house up for sale and are moving to … drum roll, please …


Between finishing up the “Honey-Do” list (OK, that was mostly Tim) and de-cluttering and “staging” the house for sale (that was my end of the contractual bargain), well, time just got away from me. Blogging became lost in the shuffle, as did updating the website, getting out eNewsletters on any kind of regular basis, and pretty much doing anything related to “working ON my business, not IN it.” I’ve been working IN it quite regularly through all this preparation to pick up and move almost 600 miles from the only place I’ve ever called home (Trenton/Hamilton/Bordentown, NJ) – but, of course, that’s really all I had time for … well, besides a few Facebook posts and tweets – you always have time for those! 😀

So, as we wind down the last couple of weeks leading to The Big Move, I’m getting all my little ducks in a row and preparing to re-launch my eNewsletters in the first half of June – from my new home office window that looks out on Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island. I think it will be a joy to “go to work in the morning”! 🙂

And I promise blogging will, once again, be a part of my online presence – along with some other extra special awesomesauce! Maybe I did have just a little bit of extra time to create some incredible business affiliations and joint ventures … but more on those in June! Sorry to tease, but …

Stay with me, and I promise I’ll make it worth your while!

Welcoming 2010

I’m fairly certain I speak for a lot of people when I say I’m glad to have said “buh-bye” to 2009 and welcome with open arms the year 2010!

As the new year unfolds, I wish only clear skies and smooth sailing to all our subscribers – but hey! – we’re realists here and we know that wishes alone won’t change a thing!

As for me, I’m facing the Perfect Storm of reinventing my business, developing a new website, and re-creating this blog (moved from to … two very different animals in many ways), so I know a bit about “changing things”!

So I’m looking forward to sharing as much great information, hints, tips, and resources here as possible – Thanks for joining me on this journey!

The Journey Begins …

I’m new to WordPress, so I’m hoping some of my Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, and Twitter followers will help me out when need be — but I’m up for the challenge!

Until recently, my business focus has been on the homebuilding industry; however, my intention for some time now has been to expand my efforts to  help all kinds of entrepreneurs — whether they call themselves business owners, consultants, freelancers, independent sales professionals, whatever — to …

  • Start up new ventures
  • Brainstorm new products and services
  • Market to their target audience
  • Harness the power of new media and email marketing, and
  • Get and keep their businesses moving forward

Thus, the new WordPress website!

I will continue to serve the homebuilding industry with strategic marketing solutions and expert sales training / coaching / mentoring programs. But, we live in interesting times, to say the least – and the New Economy has created a huge number of New Entrepreneurs. So, whether you volunteered for duty or were “nudged” into it by circumstance, I’m looking forward to helping you do what I’ve been doing myself for the better part of 25 years now — identify your passion, marry it to your talents, and develop a satisfying business that allows you to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Is there anything better, really, than life on your terms?