Fine-tuning Your Marketing WORKS!

In the last 3 months, I’ve been making a few changes to my online marketing efforts – particularly email marketing, both my own and that of my clients.

I think you’ll be interested in the results of my “tinkering” … (more…)

Do You Really Care So Little?

I got another one today.

Another friend and colleague sent out an email newsletter that was so badly broken I was embarrassed for them. Glaring mistake right up front in the “From” line. Broken links within. Pictures/graphics that didn’t upload properly (the dreaded little box with the red “X” in it). It was a nightmare. A simple pre-launch test would have avoided the whole mess and what I’m sure was a brutally embarrassing day for them.*

Later, while on a (different) colleague’s LinkedIn profile, I was shocked to find (more…)

How Are You Doing at the Quarter-Mark?

This week marks the point at which we have experienced one-quarter of what the year 2011 has in store for us.

So, as far as 2011 goes, “How’s that workin’ out for ya?” 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t really make New Year’s Resolutions for this year, preferring instead to create intentions every week throughout the year that will help me to continually share a sense of kindness, fair play and ethics with all the people I come into contact with in my business. That came about partially because I had not followed through on using a really neat deck of cards I’d purchased over a year earlier, called “The Professional Guidance Cards,” and partially because I’d had a really unpleasant and disturbing encounter last year with someone who can only be described as unprofessional, mean-spirited and egoistic. It was not the first time in my life that I’d had to deal with someone for whom the world existed solely to revolve around their whims, of course, but it had been some time and I’d forgotten how disconcerting and disruptive a situation it could be. That experience pushed me to think – hard – about the kinds of people I want to be associated with and how to incorporate more of them into my life (and minimize contact with those who see others as somehow less worthy and who seem incapable of conceiving of a win-win scenario).

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t have noticed that a full quarter of the year had passed, had I not been publishing my “Make a Difference Monday” posts on this blog since Week 1 of 2011 (see the tab above). As long as winter was, it still doesn’t seem possible that we are a quarter way through the year already!

But here we are, and I would have to say I’m feeling more satisfied with my business and my work life because I’m finding it easier to manifest the intentions I’m setting for myself on a weekly basis. I think, too, the enhanced satisfaction has to do with the fact that my intentions are not about “making more money,” “getting new clients,” and things that relate directly to “increases” for me but, rather, they are about sharing strategies with others and leading by example to get to a place where everyone benefits.

How about you? Did you set yearly goals, or something broken down into smaller “chunks”? I’d be interested to hear what’s working for you, how you set it up to give yourself the best chance of success, and what you’ve got cooking for the next quarter of the year …