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You may have noticed (and I hope you have) that the list of ways you can connect with me on the web is G-R-O-W-I-N-G.

Why is that?

Because I know that not everyone is on Facebook (well, except those 800 million people – yes, literally! – that’s the latest number).

Because I know not everyone loves Twitter, although I find it really effective for engaging the 1,000+ people who have decided to follow me there.

And because I know many (most?) people have not yet heard of Pinterest, although this visually stunning pinboard-style site is one of the hottest social networks on the web – in the top 10 just 2 years after launch!

What is Pinterest and Why Should You Care?

In its simplest terms, Pinterest is a pinboard style site where you PIN images and videos of your INTERESTS. While I’ve been playing with it mainly for fun thus far, I am working on creating some business-related boards as a brand-building and brand-sharing tool with a fun twist! And I think you may want to do the same. Here’s why …

Important reasons to check out Pinterest

  • Pinterest has already equaled Twitter and BEATS YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Reddit in driving web traffic, so it’s something anyone with a website or blog should be paying attention to!
  • There’s basically no learning curve! When you come across photos or videos of stuff you like on the web, pin them to one of your boards (pin from your website and there’s a link right there for people to follow right to your doorstep – how cool is that?!). Others like and repin your pins, they follow you, you may follow them (or not), but connections are made and valuable relationships can grow out of these almost effortless connections!

What can you do on Pinterest?

It’s pretty diverse, actually. From the purely personal …

  • Plan a wedding
  • Create a vision board
  • Collect decorating ideas for every room in your house
  • Keep an online recipe box
  • Create a shopping list … or wish list

… to the most visually stunning way to engage fans and would-be fans of your brand:

  • For the solopreneur, it’s a great way to build the Know-Like-Trust factor
  • Larger businesses can share their company culture
  • Allow fans to “meet the team” (great consumer confidence builder for solopreneurs who want to highlight the strategic partners they engage in certain projects, too)
  • Share the images that inspire your brand
  • Bookmark video tutorials you’ve created
  • Pin images of your work or of you “doing what you do”
  • Create a board for collaborating on product design or re-design (you can even open it up to your customers and not just your design team!)

Demographics of Pinterest Users

The user demographic is very different than most other social media sites, in that users are more likely to be U.S.residents, 58% of them are women and 59% are 25-44 years old. As of right now, posts skew toward home decor, crafts, food and fashion … but increasingly I’m noticing lots of business-related boards and posts that indicate that day-by-day it’s becoming way more than mommies and hobbyists utilizing this space.

So, here’s the million dollar question: Is there a “hole” in your marketing? Are you missing the all-important female demographic that controls so much of the household and business spending?

(I’m talking to YOU, homebuilders, Realtors, interior designers, life and business coaches, restaurants, vineyards, clothing boutiques, jewelry designers and countless – almost limitless – others!)

But going forward … beyond the established female demographic, there’s a growing male demographic, too – so there’s a huge opportunity for just about anyone to jump in, if you use it in a way that’s designed to reach your intended audience!

RESOURCES: Here’s a newbie’s guide – and if you think you’d like try it out, email me for an invite, because the site is still by invitation only (UPDATE: Pinterest is no longer invitation-only). Once you join, be sure to come follow me, or just follow one of my boards that interests you. That’s what it’s all about, after all! And this is a good, low-risk way to take it for a spin and see what you think.

Beyond the “fun” aspect, are you wondering if Pinterest can actually help build and share your brand? Well, companies large and small seem to think so, in greater numbers every day. I’ve got 5 fresh new tips for using Pinterest in your business, and it’s yours with my compliments. Just use the form below to request your copy of “5 Fresh New Ways Your Business Can Use Pinterest to Engage Its Audience.”

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