Linda Chell RooneyWriting is My Business

An award-winning marketing strategist and early adopter of social media, blogging, and email marketing, I’ve been a successful marketing consultant and trainer since 2002 and an entrepreneur since before I was old enough to order an adult beverage. Over the years, my specialty has been engaging targeted audiences through blogging, eNewsletters, and social media. I’m the Content Manager/Editor for multiple online communities, and am the publisher of numerous eNewsletters. I’m also a writer of mystery fiction currently building an online following of both writers and fiction fans around my adventures in the writing life. (My author site is here.) My goal here is to help other writers who understand that writing is a business to create and maintain an engaging online platform that will help boost their career.

I Teach the Best Ways to Achieve Author Visibility

In the in-person and online training workshops I’ve created, you will nail down:

  • WHO your most receptive audience is
  • WHAT you have to offer them
  • WHERE your tribe is hanging out online and off
  • WHEN best to reach them
  • WHY this kind of outreach is critical to your success as an author in the 21st century
  • But, most importantly, HOW you can easily create an author platform that is simple to maintain, fun to do, and not a time suck. After all, your main job is writing, right?

Details on these programs will be available shortly.

If You Want the Long Version of My Story

Everything you could possibly want to know about my business background can be found on my LinkedIn page. And by all means, while you’re there, please feel free to send me an invitation to connect!) With an upbringing that emphasized that anything was possible, I’ve always been a little bit of a dreamer. If you can relate to that and want to know how I became a Jersey Girl turned Maine-iac living the life she had imagined, well, that tale is here. Once you’ve had a chance to read my story, why not go grab a beverage, make yourself comfortable, and let’s have a chat about your writing business goals. Reach me at (207) 659-1211 or via email.