Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation ManagementOne of my favorite quotes about online reputation management is by Tyler Tervooren: “Even if you opt out of participating in the digital world, your online identity still exists in parallel; you’re just not in charge of it.” Basically, it comes down to this: Refusing to acknowledge that people are talking about you does not make that talk go away. And if that talk is negative or inaccurate or untruthful, you have, essentially, decided to allow others to decide who you are and what your brand represents.

Whether due to time constraints, or not knowing enough about how online marketing differs from traditional media, or an inability to keep up with the ever-changing world of online marketing – monitoring online channels is not something the average business professional can reliably do on their own. Many try, only to find sooner rather than later that neither they nor their staff have the time and expertise necessary to develop the Know-Like-Trust factor that leads fans, followers and other online connections to be converted into buyers.

Understanding those challenges is what led me to transform my own business from a general sales and marketing consulting firm to one focused exclusively on branding through social media, online, and email marketing.

Managing Your Online Reputation

There are two equally bad responses to negative online feedback: (more…)

What You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization NOW

SEOI get so many questions about search engine optimization (SEO) and, frankly, some have found it hard to take my advice (since I am not and don’t profess to be an SEO expert):

“Stop focusing on technology. Focus on people, and the search engines will find (and love) you.”

There are loads of “techie” articles out there saying the same thing (yes, I can be a bit of a tech geek sometimes), but I hesitate to recommend them to my less-than-enamored-of-technology clients and colleagues, for fear of having their eyes glaze over in the first paragraph. But here’s (more…)

Do You Really Care So Little?

I got another one today.

Another friend and colleague sent out an email newsletter that was so badly broken I was embarrassed for them. Glaring mistake right up front in the “From” line. Broken links within. Pictures/graphics that didn’t upload properly (the dreaded little box with the red “X” in it). It was a nightmare. A simple pre-launch test would have avoided the whole mess and what I’m sure was a brutally embarrassing day for them.*

Later, while on a (different) colleague’s LinkedIn profile, I was shocked to find (more…)

Consolidating Multiple Personalities

It must happen to a lot of people, I think … that time in your “social” life (i.e., your online presence) when you ask yourself, “Who am I?” One day you wake up and find that you’ve embraced social media and the world wide web to the point where you’re a member of virtually every “next big thing” online community, having collected online identities and passwords like a CIA agent in deep cover.

And, I don’t mind telling you, it had become something of a logistical nightmare, trying to keep my “business” side segregated from my “personal” side from my “photographer” side from my “street smart observations on life” side. So recently I decided to just let all the facets of my personality and interests mingle again, and you know what? I found that more people responded to my posts and wanted to interact with me! So I came to the conclusion that it was finally time to consolidate at least a couple of my multiple online personalities. 🙂

My decision was helped along by the fact that two of my domain names were expiring later this week as was the hosting on another in early December, so the timing was good. (Sometimes we all need a little extra kick in the pants to do what needs to be done!)

So I decided to go with a more memorable domain consisting of nothing more than my name. I think this new approach will help “tell my story” better than any of my previous incarnations. In addition to bringing clarity to my clients, prospective clients, colleagues and friends, I feel this change already bringing more clarity to my vision for myself and my business for 2011 and beyond, as well.

I look forward to sharing more of myself with you here – not only online and social media marketing insights and strategies, but also other interesting, entertaining and fun stuff, too.

So … please bookmark this page because by the end of this week the website will be offline permanently. This new site incorporates both and my blog, I’ll continue to have a personal profile and a business page on Facebook; still deciding what to do about my multiple Twitter accounts, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to combine the website and the blog – can’t have my business colleagues searching and unable to find me!

You can use this email address to reach me.