By now it’s no surprise to our closest friends and family that Tim and I are planning to sell our home after the holidays. What they are surprised at is our plan beyond that.

See, we’re lining our ducks up in a row so that we can live “a life untethered” for … well, we’ll see how long … but we’re thinking maybe as much as a year.

What does that mean?

Our plan is to sell the house and one of the cars and any of the “stuff” that we just have no further use for (think: formal dining room furniture!), grab Felix (our cat), and just go … initially to coastal Maine, a place we both feel spiritually attached to, but we also plan to see the old classic baseball parks, national parks and monuments, explore both coasts and as much as possible in between – traveling throughout this great country of ours.

One of the “ducks” we’re lining up is the creation of a “portable” business we can take with us wherever we go – much of the consulting work we do should translate well into a virtual business model, and we’re supplementing that with online businesses that complement our business and personal interests. More on that later, as it starts to really come together.

We have a “home base” in Philadelphia, where our daughter now lives in a home we all purchased together a couple of years ago, and depending on how things work out, we may decide to live there periodically throughout the year (in short bursts – in case my daughter happens to read this post, I don’t want to scare her!), in between trips to wherever our imaginations take us. Tim will photograph the spectacular and the mundane, the artistic and the unusual … while I’ll record the whole adventure in prose. I suspect there could be a book in here somewhere, but at the very least a legacy of words and pictures for our daughter and (maybe someday) grandchildren so they will know – really know – who we are/were.

I don’t honestly know if we’ll ever buy another home and live in one place full time. We’re not rich – far from it – but we’re passionate about pursuing this dream we’ve held for over 20 years now.

As they say: If not us, who? If not now, when?

I hope to gather a tribe around this blog who will follow us to parts (as yet) unknown and learn and grow with us. But more than that, I want to be able to show you – not just tell you – that it can be done. You can “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined” (thank you, Mr. Thoreau)!

Stay tuned – 2010 promises to be interesting!

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