EnvisionWhat’s an “Envisioning” Session?

One of the most exciting things I will do this year is happening RIGHT NOW. I am re-imagining my business.

Not revamping.

Not reevaluating.


And that’s a powerful difference!

Envisioning = Clarity

As the foundation of the exclusive Brand Development ProcessSM, developed by my good friend and professional colleague Terry Sagedy of MarketSage, “Envisioning” is the first in a multi-step process that allows – no, enables you to re-imagine what you and your business can and should be, in alignment with your own passion and vision … even if you’re not 100% clear right now on what that is!

The whole point of Envisioning – of the entire Brand Development ProcessSM itself, in fact – is to explore below the surface of the obvious and discover the power of your brand.

Have you been struggling to …

  • Clarify your purpose, mission and values?
  • Clearly identify overall objectives and interim goals?
  • Craft a strategy for achieving your goals?
  • Discover the crossroads of your product offering and your market’s needs?
  • Differentiate yourself within your niche?
  • Build brand value, sales and referrals?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, this was written for you.

I’m very excited to announce a powerful collaboration between myself and MarketSage to bring you a dynamic virtual workshop series designed to help you reinvent / revitalize / refocus YOUR brand in 2013!

The ultimate goal of this exclusive program is to align your entire team (internal team members as well as strategic alliances and partners) to working toward a future they themselves helped imagine.

Contact me to receive full details and exclusive previews in the upcoming weeks, as well as first opportunity to reserve your space in this very intensive, limited seating virtual workshop series!


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