In the last 3 months, I’ve been making a few changes to my online marketing efforts – particularly email marketing, both my own and that of my clients.

I think you’ll be interested in the results of my “tinkering” …

My email marketing results:

Well, I’ve increased click-throughs by 36% while reducing bounced emails by the same percentage. The increase in click-throughs has really paid off big for me in the form of 4 new client contracts signed in the last 6 weeks – all attributable to my eNewsletter!

Open rates are holding steady at the average for my industry at 14.5% – so that’s the next stat I’m going to try to raise with a little “tinkering”!

My clients’ email marketing results:

So, how are my email marketing clients doing? Well, in a classic case of “the shoemaker’s children never have shoes,” I have been paying far more attention to their marketing than my own over a longer period of time – and it shows!

For my homebuilder and real estate clients, the open rate averages 22.33%, where the industry average = 16.4%. Their click-through rate averages 19.5%, where the industry average = 10.4%.

Marketing/PR client open rates average 26.5% and click-through rates average 18.3%, also above the industry averages of 14.5% and 11.8%, respectively.

Those in other industries are faring similarly well.

As you can gather from the results reported above, none of my email marketing clients is getting results below the average for their specific industry – and some of their individual results are so far above the average for their industry, it’s amazing! But I wanted to at least share some average results with you, because I want you to be encouraged to start doing a little tinkering of your own.

Oftentimes, business owners and marketing managers get into a bit of a rut: we set things up, launch to great fanfare … and then just “let it be.” In the New Economy, “launch and forget” is not a winning strategy. The competition for fewer customers/clients is too fierce to rest on your laurels.

What do you want to improve in this final quarter of 2011?

How do you want to be positioned as you enter 2012?

So, go on – start tinkering!


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