Email ListThe money is in the list.

If you publish an email newsletter or do any other kind of email marketing, you know how precious your list is – and you’ve probably heard me talk about this before.

Today I wanted to share with you a way to be sure your list remains eager to hear from you and engages with you in a meaningful way – and, in fact, makes it easier for you to provide just the information they’re looking for!

I’m going to assume that, like my own, your list was built on IRL (in real life) relationships and voluntary opt-ins. I’m going to further assume that you’ve never purchased an email list, “scraped” email addresses from websites, or obtained email addresses in any other [ahem] less-than-desirable way.

If so, you’ve set a high standard for yourself, and I applaud you.

Along with impeccable ethics, I’m betting you’ve also set a high bar for yourself when it comes to meeting and even exceeding your readers’ expectations. You realize that you really have to strive for quality information, a reasonable publishing schedule, and content that engages in every single communication. You know that the last thing you want to do is alienate an audience that’s CHOSEN to spend time with you! They’re counting on you to deliver on the promises you made when they signed up.

So, I have a revolutionary idea to propose, and it’s something almost no one else is doing, so you’ll really stand out if you follow through with this:

Ask them what they want.

Seriously: When is the last time you surveyed your list to find out if you were hitting the mark with your email communications?

If you have taken an opportunity to find out what your audience is thinking, how did you decide what questions to ask … or how many questions to ask?

Were you able to quantify and analyze the survey results with the click or two of a mouse? Was the information presented to you in multiple formats, so you could make sense of it and draw conclusions from it?

And, most importantly, what did you do with the information you obtained?

Or was it just an exercise – interesting information, but it had no effect whatsoever on anything you do or how you do it? (Now, that would just break my heart…)

Since I don’t want surveying your audience to be nothing more than an exercise, today I’m going to share with you my own fresh-off-the-press survey – the same one I’m planning to use to make adjustments to my email marketing, including perhaps adding some new eNewsletters or eBlasts, IF my audience expresses an interest in them. See, it’s super-important to gauge interest levels before taking time out of your already-busy entrepreneurial life to create a publication or product or program that no one is interested in.

You’re invited to participate in this online survey – because I really do care about what you’re most interested in – and, if you see some value in doing something similar for your business, here’s a link to a 60-day free trial of Constant Contact. Feel free to model your own survey after mine – steal it line for line, if the questions work for you!

If you’re not sure you’re ready to go it alone, I offer a full suite of done-for-you email marketing services, including online surveys, and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you. Call me at (207) 659-1211.


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