Budget-CuttingAs part of my 2013 marketing plan, I decided to devise a plan to reward those who help us grow our business by making it easier for them to grow theirs. So, I analyzed others’ programs, tossed around a few different ideas, and finally …

I’m pleased to announce our brand new Referral Rewards program!

Now, this program is not exclusively for new clients, as I found many such programs to be. Why would I choose to reward new clients and not those who are already contributing to my business success? That made no sense to me. So, instead, I designed it so that Referral Rewards can be included in our initial contract with new clients or as a contract addendum with our existing clients.

I also didn’t want to make the program overly complicated, and I didn’t necessarily see any point in putting an expiration date on it, since there is no limit to my gratitude for those who refer business to me 🙂

As a result, Referral Rewards is literally as simple as 1-2-3! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign on with us for any of our email marketing services: Email Newsletters, Online Event Promotion, Online Surveys, Social Campaigns (these are customized “landing pages” for new visitors to your Facebook Page – like the one on my own Facebook Page right now), or SaveLocal deals (a unique – and uniquely affordable! – program for brick-and-mortar businesses like retail, restaurants, etc)
  2. Refer any of our email marketing services to your clients, colleagues – even businesses you patronize (such as restaurants, dry cleaners, home improvement contractors – you name it!)
  3. Earn 10% off your monthly invoice with us for every referral who signs on with us for any of those services – up to a maximum of 50% savings off your monthly invoice!

Referral Rewards will be credited to the referrer’s monthly invoice for every month during which both referrer and referred remain our client. Referral Rewards are based on email marketing-related services only (i.e., Email Newsletters, Online Surveys, Online Event Promotion, Social Campaigns, and SaveLocal deal program).

ONCE YOU’RE IN THE PROGRAM, THERE’S NO EXPIRATION DATE ON YOUR SAVINGS, as long as both you and the referred party/parties remain our client.

The sooner you sign up to participate, the sooner you’ll be earning Referral Rewards that will help grow your business while saving money on your marketing!

Call me today at (207) 659-1211 and let’s get started!

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