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Professional Guidance CardsWeek 51: Attitude Affects Abundance

There’s something to be said for believing your glass is always half full. Without knowing why some people have a naturally positive attitude while others seem to always be looking for the dark cloud in front of the silver lining, what I do know is this: The first group of people are a LOT happier!

Believing in abundance – that is, that there is enough to go around, enough for everyone – is a winning philosophy. When you’re not worried that there isn’t or won’t be enough, you can enjoy what you have and you can afford to be generous with others – even when you don’t have what is generally considered “a lot” from a material standpoint.

When you give, you put something positive out into the Universe, and it tends to come back to you in other ways – feeding the cycle of abundance!

Time spent in honest introspection is never wasted. If you find you fall into that second category of people who were not necessarily born positive, it will take some work to develop an attitude of abundance, but the alternative is to continue struggling with a feeling of scarcity and fear that holds you back from giving and thus prevents so much good coming back to you.

If you want something different for yourself in the New Year, maybe that’s the place to start.

This week’s intention:

Even on the darkest days of fear and self-doubt, I will remember all I have to be grateful for – especially the many little positives in my life that can so easily be taken for granted – and know that it is enough. I will remember to be generous with others – whether it be with time or service, a kind word or sharing my worldly goods. I will always have enough of something that someone else really needs.

What is your intention this week, in keeping with this theme?

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