My thoughts, based on the Professional Guidance Cards:

Professional Guidance CardsWeek 52: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

As if to put a (very appropriate) punctuation mark at the end of this 52-week odyssey, the ultimate guide to spiritual responsibility is contained in the final Professional Guidance Card  of the year: Let your conscience be your guide.

Challenges to our personal integrity present themselves every day. When a cashier gives you too much change, is that an unexpected gift from the Universe? Or a reminder to check in with your moral compass? Getting into the habit of listening to that “still small voice” within on small matters will lead to doing the right thing on other, larger issues.

And what a wonderful world it would be if we could all count on one another to consistently do the right thing in all our interactions.

I wish you a New Year filled with peace, harmony and well-being – and that you are able to pass that along to everyone you meet along the way.

This week’s intention:

I will not let the noise of a busy life and the desire for expediency overpower that still small voice within.

What is your intention this week, in keeping with this theme?

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Happy New Year 2012
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