There’s no getting around it: I’ve been delinquent. Neglectful, even. Blog? What Blog?

Truth is, this site is live after a L-O-O-O-N-G hiatus primarily because of one thing and one thing only. I’m presenting a workshop on building your author platform tomorrow, and I needed this site to be live so I could direct the participants to it.

Isn’t that a hoot? giggle

So, I thought I really need to use this as a “teachable moment,” as they say.

Here’s a screen shot of a self-deprecating slide from the Power Point presentation, which I’m sure the participants will enjoy:

make time to blog


I don’t live in the Ideal World, do you? I couldn’t find the Ideal World with a map, a compass, and a guide dog.

But I am planning to find make time to blog more regularly.

What? Don’t judge me. I’m trying to finish writing a novel over here! clever


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